About Anode Imaging

Anode Imaging was created to embody the ‘Positive Side’ of an X-Ray experience. Feverishly devoted to building relationships, not closing deals.

Anode Imaging, LLC is a Medical Imaging Company that specializes in providing: X-Ray Equipment, Digital X-Ray, DR equipment, Chiropractic X-Ray equipment, Used X-Ray Equipment, Mobile X-Ray Equipment, Portable X-Ray Equipment, and Veterinary X-Ray Equipment.  Other related services that we specialize in are: Chiropractic Consultation, X-Ray Room Build Consultation, Lead Shielding Reports, Lead Materials, Leaded Drywall, Lead Windows, and X-Ray Room Drawings. For services like Lead Shielding Reports and Lead Materials we serve customers that have: X-Ray, CT, MRI, C-Arm, Etc.  From the first phone call to our team, we focus on a ‘Positive’ experience for every customer and value each customer-relationship as a friendship.

Anode Imaging was formed with the vision to be the premier Medical Imaging company on the Western half of the United States.  We have the liberty to service ANY customer in the World, but we have chosen the strategy to focus on the Western States consisting of: Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.  Other notable countries that we have had the liberty to work in have been; Iceland, New Zealand, British Virgin Islands, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Italy, Guam, and Fiji.  Our international customers recognize the value of our expertise in niches like Chiropractic X-Ray and Veterinary X-Ray so much that they are happy to cover our travel expenses to ensure the project is done professionally and proficiently.

On a Personal Note

I am passionate about X-Ray.  I love the feeling of starting a project with a blank room and then shortly later finishing the project with a completely functional, and fine-tuned machine ready to start taking images and making the customer income.  It makes me feel great when a customer’s face lights-up when they get to use the system for the first time and see how fast the images come up and how good the image quality is.

I love the ocean and sailing.  One of my favorite places to sail is from Long Beach CA to Catalina Island, what an amazing little island.  I also love being in the mountains and snowboarding.  These two passions have led me to have an office in Long Beach CA and in Bend Oregon.  I often travel back and forth to these two spots to serve my clients up and down the west coast and enjoy my time off work.

MUSIC.  Whether it is listening to, researching, going to see shows, or writing and playing music…It seems to always be on the top of my mind.  I am by no means “a musician” but it brings me a lot of peace and happiness when playing or watching live music.