Our PlanMed Viso™ imaging unit is an impressive step forward in the evolution of cone beam imaging for Chiropractors. It possesses all the qualities of world class CBCT units – and more. The unit can fulfill the demanding needs of C1 through C7 imaging. The next generation of CBCT imaging is here in full force!

PlanMed Viso™ G7

This system comes with 3D CBCT Chiropractic Analysis Software that is the first of its kind with 3D CBCT Imaging. All types of Chiropractors would benefit from this advanced Imaging when diagnosing/adjusting patients but for Upper Cervical Chiropractors, this type imaging is mandatory! This equipment has been very popular with Upper Cervical groups such as: Blair Chiropractic, NUCCA, Orthospinology, Advanced Orthogonal, Atlas Orthogonal, Knee Chest, and EPIC Upper Cervical groups.

The new G7 CBCT system is the first complete package designed with Chiropractors in mind!

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Premium Image Quality

Image quality is among the most important factors in CBCT imaging. The Viso unit shines in this area, as it allows you to capture crystal-clear images and precise measurements. Options for ultra low dose imaging, patient movement correction, noise removal, and metal artifact reduction are available as standard features.

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