Planmed Verity®

Outstanding computed tomography

Clinical practice and benefits

Planmed Verity® is a unique CBCT unit for orthopedic as well as head and neck imaging. The compact-size yet versatile 3D imaging solution provides premium-quality images with extremely low patient radiation dose.

The Planmed Verity extremity CT scanner possesses a number of advantages over traditional medical CT scanners in clinical practice. These include lower effective radiation doses, lower cost, fewer space requirements, easier image acquisition, and interactive display modes, such as multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), that are applicable to both upper and lower extremities as well as head and neck imaging.

The in-office applications for Planmed Verity provide apparent benefits for the assessment of fractures, malunions, preoperative case planning, and postoperative checkups.

Orthopedic Imaging

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Veterinary Imaging

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