Digital X-Ray Equipment

Anode Imaging has many options for Digital X-Ray Equipment that includes CR (Computerized Radiography) and DR (Direct Radiography).  Most of our customers prefer to use DR products due to the speed (typically 10 seconds or less from exposure to processed image), superior image quality and reliability of the equipment (NO moving parts or onsite service needed).


Training videos on how to use chiropractic analysis tools

DR Packages & Panels

Upgrade to DR for
as low as $350/Month

Our most popular package
iRay 14”x17” Wireless Cesium DR Package

For as low
as $375/month!!

iRay 17×17 Fixed Cesium
DR Package

For as low
as $480/Month!!

Momentum 14×17 Wireless Hospital
Grade Cassette Sized FlatPanel DR


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