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Used X-Ray Equipment

Anode Imaging has many Used X-Ray systems that we can install at your office/clinic for a fraction of buying an entirely new system.  Most of our customers like to take advantage of the saving of the used system, but also want the piece of mind of having the key components ordered as new.  We call this our New/Used specials.  The key components that we recommend buying as new are;

  1. The DR system. This is the DR Panel, the computer, monitor, and any other accessories such as batteries and battery chargers.  Buying used Digital systems are not worth it as most are at the “end of life” which means they cannot be supported by the manufactures and replacement parts are hard to find.
  2. The X-Ray Generator. When buying a used X-Ray system, the X-Ray generator is the most troublesome part to test for reliability.  Most the used X-Ray generators are Standard Frequency (or sometimes referred to as Single Phase).  They Standard Frequency generators are hard to maintain, most likely at the End of Life, and are not as safe and efficient as the new High Frequency generators.
  3. Lastly, buying a new X-Ray Tube and cables will ensure that all pieces of equipment directly involved with the image quality of the system have been replaced. This will give piece of mind that your X-Ray system will be in good working order for years to come.

Here are the systems that Anode Imaging currently has in stock.   Due to the difficulty in shipping these items, and to keep our prices as low as possible we are only offering these systems to customers in the Following states:  California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

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