17×17 DR System

This is the 17”x17”, Cassette Size, Wireless, Cesium DR from Anode Imaging.  This setup is made especially for Chiropractic as it has the Chiropractic acquisition software and Chiropractic Analysis Tool set.  This DR fits into any conventional cassette tray making it a perfect solution for many practices.  It also has the ability to run [...]

“How To” Instructions on Building-out a Radiation Room for X-Ray Equipment Installation

The very first step is deciding what type of equipment your practice needs and selecting a room that is appropriate for that equipment. Chiropractors do not usually require Radiographic Tables, only a wall bucky, tube stand, and generator and therefore do not require as large of a room as other practices. The very smallest [...]

How to Choose the Right DR Panel for YOUR Practice

With more and more DR (Direct Radiography) Panels entering the market each year, it can be confusing to select the DR Panel that best fits your needs.  Here are the most important attributes that you should consider while shopping for a new DR Panel: Overall Size/Movability Software Tools/Features Duration of Support Scintillator Type/Image Quality [...]

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