Used Chiropractic Standard Frequency X-Ray System! Made by Summit Industries and Private Labeled for XMA.  1987 Model

Summit Industries/XMA 30KW Standard Frequency Generator

  • Floor to wall mount Chiropractic Tubestand with electric locks and 8′ Rails (40″ to 72″ SID)
  • Floor to Wall Mount Chiropractic Wallstand with electric locks and Long Length Cabinet
  • X-Ray Tube with 180 Deg Horns (great for any room set-up) and X-Ray Collimator
  • Also comes with a Portable Lead Barrier Wall to protect the Doctor/Operator while exposing
  • All interconnection cables including HT Cables going to the X-Ray Tube

Price for all items (pick up from Bend Oregon) = 2,500

Price for all items PLUS New 2020 DR Panel with Computer and Installation = 22,500

Price with DR Panel, Installation AND Upgraded NEW High Frequency Generator = 32,250

  • Installation prices included above are good in CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, NV, AZ