1997 Universal High-Frequency X-Ray System

  • 30kW High frequency X-Ray Generator (110-120 VAC, 30AMP Power Service)
  • Digital Operator Console with Pedestal stand built-in
  • 6’ long rails for movement between 40” SID and 72” SID (floor to wall mount)
  • Tubestand with Electric locks for Vertical and Longitudinal movements. Tube-tilt / Tube angle set with a manual lock.
  • Wallstand with 17”x17” Cassette tray and Electric lock.
  • Linear MC-150 Collimator
  • Toshiba X-Ray tube, FS 2.0/1.0 mm, Model UX-51H-39
  • 20’ HT Cables
  • Includes NEW 20/20 Cesium DR Panel and Mini-PACS computer system. With 5-year warranty on DR System

Price for all items above = 30,500
Price with Upgraded NEW High Frequency Generator = 39,250